Sample Order

Worry-Free Sample Policy

When you need a sample of your custom jersey before we proceed to mass production, we can offer one with sampling fee. For orders of 50 pieces or more, Szorro can remove the sample fee.

Benefit from Our Sample

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    Full design review

    You can get a hands-on look at the outcome of the latest design concept of your custom sportswear.

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    Worry-free design modification

    The sample makes it easy for you to see any room for improvement on the final design of your jersey.

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    Guranteed quality checking

    We can quell any doubts about the quality of the graphic, logo, and text with our sample jersey.

Get A Sample

*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.

Fast Sampling

To ensure you can make a clear decision on proceeding with manufacturing your orders, we can deliver your samples within a week.

With our experience from creating more than 50,000 samples, Szorro is capable of producing an accurate prototype of your custom jersey within a short time.

Our Order Process

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    01 Know Your Design Ideas

    Designers will go through your design and see how we can improve it. We also brainstorm a concept that satisfies your target clients’ requirements.

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    02 Make An Artwork

    We will provide a graphical concept of what your custom jersey will look like. Designers can make specific adjustments to the artwork when required.

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    03 Make A Sample

    When you are satisfied with the latest jersey concept, we will create a sample and you can request any modifications after inspecting the sample.

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    04 Conduct Mass Production

    After confirming that you are satisfied with the outcome of your custom jersey concept, we move on to the mass production of your ODM sportswear.

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Our factory manufactures custom-made athletic uniform applied to all kinds of occasions, including but not limited to soccer, basketball, handball, baseball, cycling and e-sports.

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