Quick Production For On-Time Delivery

We maintain strict supervision in production operation and management in order to meet different jersey needs. Possessing multiple machines and 10 production lines capable of meeting your market’s demands, Szorro manufactures 50,000 pieces monthly and deliver within 15-25 days thanks to our shipping capabilities.

  • 35 Sewing Machines
  • 6 Sublimation Printer
  • 6 Overlock Machines
  • 5 Heat Transfer Machines
Different Techniques, Different Jersey Patterns


We make use of quality threads and embroidery supplies for sewing team logos and names onto your jerseys. You can bring forward your recommended jersey designs and we will work to follow your requirements. Make the most of our almost limitless options for designs and textures using our embroidery techniques.

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Different Techniques, Different Jersey Patterns

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a cost-effective method for decorating jerseys through the application of a plastisol type of ink to fabric. Avail of the variety of colors, graphics and designs put into your jerseys. Our automated screen-printing equipment can accommodate larger orders and allow you to receive quantity discount prices.

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Different Techniques, Different Jersey Patterns


Infusing the logo design into the polyester fabric, our sublimation process involves the use of a complex, non-fading pattern dyed with ink of any chosen color. This way, our custom jerseys can maintain breathability, lightness, and moisture resistance while maintaining a clean design integrated to the fabric for longer periods.

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Different Techniques, Different Jersey Patterns

Tackle Twill

Tackle twill is a useful technique wherein a patch is designed on a computer and printed on a fabric that will be stitched together with the jersey. Desired for its durability, versatility, and aesthetic, tackle twill uses laser cutting to create precise letters and shapes for your team jerseys. Get your custom uniforms made with a professional quality design.

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Full Inspection Through Production


Upcoming Material Inspection

We conduct fabric inspection by sending new fabrics to a detector to determine their quality. Clean fabrics will be packed in plastic bags to prevent the entry of dust.


On-process Semi-Product Inspection

Our QC team will check for any deformities, dirt and uncut ends on our jerseys before finishing. We also guarantee that our machines are clean and work accordingly.


Full Inspection of Finished Products

Once our jerseys are done, we liquidate the sum of uniforms and determine whether the sizes and other features are consistent with the order information you provide.

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Our factory manufactures custom-made athletic uniform applied to all kinds of occasions, including but not limited to soccer, basketball, handball, baseball, cycling and e-sports.

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