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With over 15 years of experience, Szorro specializes in personalized sportswear using various printing methods. Our factory manufactures sports uniforms through top quality fabrics , resulting in quality jerseys with custom design ​and at affordable prices. Constantly updated by our creative designers, Szorro jerseys can match your applications and attract customers from your varied markets. Work with us today!

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Szorro In Production Capacity

  • 30,0000 Pcs/Month
  • 13 Workshops
  • 50+ Exported Countries
  • 200+ Staff

World-Class Factory From China

Multiple sewing and printing machines help us produce over 50,000 pieces monthly to global markets. As we make our whole product line in our factory, we can provide jerseys in bulk at affordable prices to suit your needs.

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    Design Room

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    Sewing Plant

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    Printing Plant

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    Material Workshop

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    Cutting Plant

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    Packaging Plant

Learn About Our Founder

David, A Soccer Fan Different From Beginning

“We help sports players and marketers find their voice, grow their morale and business scale internationally.”

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    David began his journey in 2012 when he quit his job and registered the Szorro brand. With his college classmates, he set up his company to produce designer jerseys. Today, Szorro has reached different markets in Europe, the United States and Australia.

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    After guraduation

    After graduating from Fashion Design, David worked in a clothing company as an apprentice in a factory. Within a few months, he gained much experience in design while pursuing his interest in football.

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    In the College

    While studying in university, David participated in his football team and noticed how their jerseys were of poor quality due to being prone to moisture and wear. Having studied fashion design, he learned how to design quality team uniforms.

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    In the Middle School

    David was fascinated by football in his early years, having taken part in school competitions with friends. In high school, he played football and wore cheap Brazilian yellow shirts, which began his interest in jersey design.

Never Stand Still

Sports bring us together. You are a player on the sports field, and Szorro is a producer on jerseys and uniforms.

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    Our design team keeps up with current market needs to design products, with one-to-one docking.

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    Product experts innovates through market research and the update of new features monthly by design team.

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    Working with world-famous logistic service providers ensures
    impact-packed orders be shipped on time.

More Than 5,000 Organizations Connect With Us

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What Does Our Clients Say

  • Szorro offers excellent jerseys for our clients from different sports teams. We heard a lot of remarks, saying that the sportswear we supply allows the audience to easily identify them on the field.

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    David Tompson

    Brand Manager

    High sales volumes were reached when we sold several jerseys to local sports teams. We were impressed by the consistent design and neatness of the fabrics used.

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    Eric Ottoman

    Purchase Manager
  • High sales volumes were reached when we sold several jerseys to local sports teams. We were impressed by the consistent design and neatness of the fabrics used.

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    Wayman Watt

    Brand Name

    Through Szorro’s efforts, our brand has been recognized domestically and internationally in various fairs. Their jerseys are able to grab the attention of many major teams.

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    Laisa Rispon

    Brand Name

Can't Find Your Ideal Sports Jersey?

Our factory manufactures custom-made athletic uniform applied to all kinds of occasions, including but not limited to soccer, basketball, handball, baseball, cycling and e-sports.

Let Szorro Helps You Have A Nice Shot On Your Field!

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