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Free Design Ideas

Creating a design that impacts among your teams or clients can be difficult. Our designers with 10 years of experience help you find the concept to achieve your design, without costs.


Free Graphic Design

Do you require assistance in creating a logo or graphical aspect of your custom uniforms? At Szorro, our team provides graphical design at no charge that can attract your target clients.


Free Design Modification

Szorro takes the extra mile to ensure your designs can make the best possible impact in your target market by making changes to the concept without any additional fees.

All-in-One Custom Jersey Solution

  • - Design & Pattern
  • - Neck Styles
  • - Team Logos
  • - Trim Patterns
  • - Text Front Types
  • - Fabric Options
  • 01

    Choose Designs From Our Stock or Tell Us Your Ideas

    With advanced software and program, we can provide a prototype design that gives you a clear outcome of your jersey and helps you decide when and where to make modifications.

  • 02

    Choose Neck Styles

    Different sports or competitions have different uniform styles. With our vast range of neck styles, we can create jerseys that will help you tap into your target markets.

  • 03

    Customize Your Team Logos

    To ensure your logo appears clear and without any distortion, we utilize vector-based graphic files when printing and transferring the graphic onto your custom jerseys.

  • 04

    Customize Your Trim Patterns

    You can incorporate standard and braided patterned trims to your custom jerseys. We can also create attention-grabbing jacquard patterned trims to make your sportswear standout.

  • 05

    Choose Letter & Number Front Types

    Names of the player or team and numbers on Jersey can have different font types and styles. Szorro also offers sublimation to let you add your creative touch to your custom sportswear.

  • 06

    Pick Your Optiomal Fabrics

    We have many options for fabrics, ranging from PMC to diagonal and rice knit fabrics made with 100% polyester. These fabric types offer varied degrees of comfort and durability while tailor-fit for your markets.

Can't Find Your Ideal Sports Jersey?

Our factory manufactures custom-made athletic uniform applied to all kinds of occasions, including but not limited to soccer, basketball, handball, baseball, cycling and e-sports.

Let Szorro Helps You Have A Nice Shot On Your Field!

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